Monday, February 11, 2008

CEC/Western Culinary-Consumers Taking Action

Wow, here's something cool about how the internet is providing consumers with new tools to fight corporate abuses.

I stumbled on a Facebook group devoted to consumers' concerns over CEC, the owner of many private trade schools, including Portland's Western Culinary Institute. The man behind the group is Charles Hobbs. I'm in awe of his energy and organizing ability. While I don't know his story directly, I'm guessing that he got burned by one of the CEC programs and decided to take action.

Here's his IADT Truth Advocates facebook page:

And if that's not enough, the page reports that CBS is coming out with a news piece on CEC and some of the claims made by consumers.

It's refreshing to see Mr. Hobbs and others using the internet in a constructive way to provide information to consumers. The networking process provides a great tool in fighting those businesses that seem committed to doing things the wrong way. Nothing like good old fashioned information to help consumers make smart choices.

David F. Sugerman
Paul & Sugerman, PC


Phill said...

I wish I had known the truth before I enrolled and wasted a year of my life in a place that only exists to take money from people who are looking to further their education.

IADT Tampa
I didn't learn a damn thing while I was there.

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