Sunday, January 27, 2008

Vytorin-More Details on Consumer Claims

For consumers who have taken Vytorin, here's a good summary of the problem from the New York Times:

Interestingly, the companies have apparently known since April 2006 that their higher-priced drugs were not more effective than generics. But they sat on that information until Congress pressured them to release their study this month. In the meantime, the manufacturers continued to sell the higher-priced less effective drugs.

I don't routinely pay close attention to such things, but I have to wonder whether the companies ran some of those glossy TV ads for Vytorin. Sure would be interesting to see what they said. I suppose that will be part of the discussion as the various consumer class actions move forward.

One other thing. A google search also turned up a fairly hostile editorial in Wall Street Journal. According to the writer, these cases are inappropriate because no one has been injured. I guess the Journal is bound to side with its friends on Wall Street and not consumers. But you would think that even the Journal's editorial writers could appreciate the obvious point.

Taking money from consumers by way of deceptive trade practices IS an injury. Sure, it's not a big deal to the well-heeled at the Journal. But of course, if we're talking about $30 per month per person, and you're selling this thing everyday to consumers across the nation, that's a lot of money. Maybe it looks too much like business as usual to the Journal?

David F. Sugerman
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Anonymous said...

Some attorneys general are investigating Vytorin allegations. Here are links to two articles:

Disclosure: I am an attorney who may become involved in Vytorin litigation.

David F. Sugerman said...

Thanks for additional citations. Interesting stuff.

David Sugerman