Thursday, January 24, 2008

Finally-The Press Asks OHSU the Hard Questions

I have to say that Steve Duin's column in today's Oregonian (24 January 2008) is a breath of fresh air. Here is the url:

The back story is that the Oregon Supreme Court ruled recently that Oregon Health Sciences cannot cap a child's damages at $200,000 when OHSU's negligent treatment causes profound brain damage.

Rather than take responsibility, OHSU started up the scare machine. We were treated to a parade of horribles. OHSU will be forced to limit or cut care, it will be closing clinics, and it will be laying off many people all because of--they claimed--Jordaan Clarke.

Steve Duin's column debunks the myth. I mean, for crying out loud, can you say, "Aerial tram"? And don't even get me started on the OHSU waterfront developments. Or how about the recent loss of the biotech research group to Florida? The reality is that OHSU hides from public scrutiny by claiming to be private and hides from market reality by claiming to be public.

The best part of Steve Duin's article is this quote from Sen. Walker (Eugene): "They've finally found a way for people to overlook years of financial mismanagement," state Sen. Vicki Walker, D-Eugene said, "and it's Jordaan Michael Clarke. It's a great PR move, but it's ridiculous. And it's a snow job."

Couldn't agree with her more.

David F. Sugerman
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