Thursday, March 8, 2007

Today's Good News for Consumers

New Study Caps on Damages Don't Lower Malpractice Insurance Rates

Good news for consumers injured by medical mistakes. The Oregonian reported today that a definitive new study reveals that caps on damages have no impact on doctors' malpractice premiums. Oregon's rates are among the very lowest in the country, and we have no caps on damages.

In 1999, The Oregon Supreme Court found that caps on damages deprive consumers of constitutional rights to obtain full justice. Caps are a one-size-fits-all form of justice that take away the rights of the most severely injured. We were told that the sky would fall without caps on damages, but Oregon consumers knew better. Oregonians have repeatedly rejected ballot measures to add damage caps. As expected, a definitive study shows that Oregon consumers were right all along.

News report in The Oregonian business section, by Joe Rojas-Burke, "No cap, but no hike in payouts" (Mar. 8, 2007). Find it at

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